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This is What's Happening

'Detail detail detail. It’s the detail which fascinates' (Andrew Fuhrmann 2015)

'Humour, good, black, abstracted, and just how I like it.' (Gracia Harby for Fjord Review)

September 2015

Northcote Town Hall (presented by Darebin Arts Speakeasy for Melbourne Fringe)

December 2015

Abbotsford Convent 

Winner of Melbourne Fringe award for Best Dance.  

​Nominated for an Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance. 

​Nominated for a Green Room Award for Sound Design and Composition. 

‘A seeping phantasmagoria of contemporary Australiana', THIS IS WHAT'S HAPPENING explores the interstice of dance and theatre, seamlessly blending the two forms to create a layer-cake of imagery and evocation, by one of the most exciting new companies in Australian dance. Veering between the tender, the tragic, the irreverent and the downright nonsensical, this kaleidoscopic survey offers audiences a multi-faceted take on how the human condition is holding up in our strange, highly-mediated contemporary lives.

Program notes:

THIS IS WHAT'S HAPPENING could be a banal filler statement from a Team Leader talking too much at a Team Meeting, or it could be the solemn, sharp-eyed certainty of a climate scientist’s findings. Likewise, our ‘company name’ Slown, Smallened & Son slides between contrasting qualities and implications: on the page the configuration of letters seems familiar, but speak the words aloud and you run into trouble. This quality of multiplicity and instability is a good fit for performance and choreography in particular, and it is closer to what being alive right now feels like to us, more than any prevailing system of beliefs or practices. We worked for quite some time on this show, and the process has been a necessarily patient one of following the work as it presents itself to us – in increments, usually, and frequently with whole chunks slipping away after first seeming so concrete. It’s a work that we have had to meet on its own terms. 

Creation and performance: Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden and William McBride


Sound design: Emah Fox


Lighting design: Jason Crick


Costumes: Margaret O'Donohue

Video documentation by James Wright

 Photos by Greta Costello

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