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Let's Go Up Here

March 2018

Presented by Arts House for FOLA (festival of live art)

Part painting class, part intimate performance.

LET'S GO UP HERE is an interactive, cross-art form performance work that explores and deploys shifting power dynamics and degrees of audience agency. Part-participatory painting class, part-performance spectacle, the audience are carefully shepherded through a mysterious unfolding landscape.

Program notes: 

Come and enjoy a fun and accessible painting workshop with artistes Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden and William McBride. A peaceful and fulfilling evening with the live arts, LET'S GO UP HERE provides each workshop participant with a chance to purge their thoughts of the life they knew before, and manifest a new landscape for their remaining days.

Our technique will have you painting beautiful landscapes in just three hours!

Featuring enchanting dance interludes and a sumptuous musical composition, this is live art with alive parts.

All skill levels welcome, from your average Jolene to the next Margaret Olley, with turps, refreshments and supplies provided.

Creation and performance: Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden and William McBride


Sound design: Kevin Lo


Lighting design: Amelia Lever-Davidson


Set and costume construction: Ross Dixon and Margaret O'Donohue


Video direction and production: Mischa Baka. 


Producer: Erin Milne (Bureau of Works)

photos by Bryony Jackson

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