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Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden and William McBride work in a non-hierarchical collaboration as devisers and performers of new, unusual contemporary dance theatre. Our work is primarily dance, but it is transdisciplinary, reflecting the different training and interests of the three of us. We embrace the intrinsic qualities of each artist, and the layers of relationship between us, as a driving component of the choreography and dramaturgy. Our expanded choreographic practice combines rigorous dance languages with theatricality, creative writing, design, documentary and contemporary cultural information.

Artistically innovative and entertaining, our work is both challenging in its thematic complexity as well as funny, moving, and virtuosic. We refuse the polemical, using choreography to offer an expansive semiotic field that can provoke an audience’s imagination.


Over six years we have made and presented sis full-length works: This is What's happening, Fallen O'er, Blowin' Up, Let's Go Up Here, Lady Example and Doors Shut. These works have all received awards and nominations including Australian Dance, Green Room and Melbourne Fringe development and category awards. 


Our work has been supported by City of Melbourne, Lucy Guerin Inc., Darebin Arts Speakeasy, Arts House, Tasdance, Vitalstatistix, The Australia Council, Creative Victoria, Creative Partnerships Australia and Besen Family Foundation. 

This is What's Happening

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